Barr Law Group has acted as lead counsel in over three hundred criminal trial and appellate matters. We’ve handled cases ranging from driving under the influence to large scale drug trafficking and everything in-between. In addition to traditional trials and appeals, we’ve represented clients in expunging and sealing criminal records, in cases before the sex offense registry board, and in immigration removal/deportation hearings. We’ve tried and argued countless cases before juries, judges and appellate courts.

In the past twenty years, our criminal justice system has become increasingly complicated and draconian for those accused of crimes. In today’s legal environment, a criminal conviction can have far-reaching and catastrophic consequences for an individual. On top of the accusation itself, and the threat of incarceration: the loss of financial aid, the loss of one’s driver’s license, registration as a sex offender, eviction from one’s home, and deportation are all land-mines that await the unwary defendant.

Now more than ever, an individual has to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands the full criminal justice landscape, who knows how to try a case to a jury, and who knows how to attack a conviction after trial or plea.

Clients retain Barr Law Group because we have a track record of acquittals, dismissals, reductions in charges, and success at every stage of the criminal process:

· Domestic Violence / Assault

· Drug Trafficking

· Federal Grand Jury Practice

· Homicide

· Securities Fraud

· Sex Offenses

· White Collar Crime